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51 People Lived Lit Up A Village

51 people lived in 14 households without electricity. In Gara de Nord, Iulian Angheluță sold T-shirts and canvas bags with the message “Lumina pentru Ursici” . From the money raised, he was to buy solar panels for the 51 villagers.

Mădălina Oprişan , editor of

I met Iulian Angheluță this year on the 14th Platform of the North Station, in June, at Train Delivery . At his “stand” were black cardboard houses lit by makeshift candles. He told everyone that the people from Ursici , a mountain village in Boșorod commune, Hunedoara county, need light.

Iulian thought of the people of Ursici after arriving in their village one winter in 2008. He kept thinking about how he could help people, beyond the food and clothes he wore from time to time. When.

Last year, he decided to help the people of Ursici and bring them light in the village. He started thinking about a fundraising campaign, with the help of the NGO he set up with two friends, Free Miorița. They made the logo, they thought of the message and Iulian paid with his money to make the first promotional materials (t-shirts, canvas bags, pencils and stickers).

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