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A Man Lit Up A Village

Last year, he decided to help the people of Ursici and bring them light in the village. He started thinking about a fundraising campaign, with the help of the NGO he set up with two friends, Free Miorița. They made the logo, they thought of the message and Iulian paid with his money to make the first promotional materials (t-shirts, canvas bags, pencils and stickers).

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Iulian started writing emails to companies and asking for sponsorships. Everyone was saying that the budgets for social responsibility were over. He participated in events in the city and told everyone that the people of Ursici need help. The news also reached the ears of the blogger Manafu who donated his advertising space on the blog for the cause of the project. In a short time, Unicredit bank donated the money for all 14 solar panels. 500 euros for each solar panel.

“If you put something in your head, you succeed without any problem and you succeed beyond institutions or authorities,” says Iulian. Even when he told the villagers that he was coming to install the solar panels, they did not believe him. The lighting project of Ursici village is 30 years old and many personalities, politicians and journalists have promised people that they will bring light to the village. In the end, the one who succeeded was Iulian, a 38-year-old man who works in an advertising agency.

“It has been shown to me once again that you have to put a lot of emphasis on human connections, on people, not on institutions or authorities or procedures, but on direct or mediated human contact through Facebook, telephone and so on. In the end, that makes things move, ”adds Iulian.

This month, Iulian, together with 22 volunteers, managed to install the 14 solar panels on the houses in Ursici, the first village in Romania illuminated with solar panels. Iulian would like to transform his project into “Light for Romania”, in order to bring light to other villages as well.

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